Sochi 2014 capped off a jam packed season for Holly Crawford, the veteran Australian Snowboard Halfpipe Champion. Having started the year with a 2nd place in the Sochi trials on the day of the Olympics her final placing was 14th. She took the runs and the results in her stride. As she came off the  mountain with a smile and a shrug of the shoulders she jokes "Oh well, it's only the Olympics right?". Her ability to remain grounded and endure the ups and downs of competitive sports with humour is one of the qualities that makes Holly the champion she is.

For most of us if we had to turn up to "work" sporting multiple broken bones, dislocated joints and bulging discs we'd be forgiven and even encouraged to take the day off. For Holly she could so easily have attributed her 14th place to these factors all of which she had on the 12th of February 2014. However, for Holly the "Never Give Up" motto rang true yet again and with her trademark shoulder shrug and winning smile there was no attribution of blame rather her piercing blue eyes sparkled just a little bit as she said "there's always Korea 2018".

Holly rides in an elite group of athletes for whom winning is great, but supporting one another through one of the toughest sports on the slopes is what it's all about. The teamwork, the comradery, the support through the wins and the losses is what makes her and her competitors truely deserving of the mantle of Champion. Her grace under fire, her dedication to her sport, her country and her team, her never give up attitude and of course her long list of medals, trophies and accolades makes Holly more than just a winner, she is the Champion that the ordinary person can connect with. She falls like the rest of us but it's her ability to keep on getting up, smile, shrug those shoulders and keep on going that sets her apart.